Our Clients
Candia Communications works with a wide variety of businesses in the US and internationally.

Our strengths and areas of expertise

Candia Communications works with a wide variety of businesses in the US and internationally. Our key strengths are our ability to effectively position, message, create demand and build market visibility with minimal budget. Our particular areas of expertise include security, mobile and wireless computing, systems management and infrastructure. Some of our recent engagements are outlined below. Contact us to discuss how well-planned and executed marketing

can help your company grow and thrive.

Typical Engagements


Our engagements can be short or long, strategic or tactical, depending on the client’s needs. Typical retainer engagements involve providing services as the interim marketing executive/marketing team. For a period of 6– 36 months or longer, we will perform strategic and tactical marketing activities, and work to bring on a team to carry on the work when we leave.

Project engagements can be as short as four weeks, but generally run 2-4 months. We specialize in performing technology assessments, and helping companies to acquire the right technologies for their needs. On the vendor side, we develop and fine-tune the messaging and positioning, which we then translate into business and technical white papers, sales collateral, web copy, case studies, contributed articles, presentations, and press releases/media outreach.



   Tanya is a leading edge marketing professional who successfully communicated our value proposition, leading Senforce to receive the coveted Visionary Award from the Gartner Group.   

– Allan Thompson, Former CEO, Senforce 

   Rarely have I worked with a more professional, competent or just downright talented person as Tanya Candia. I consider it an honor to have worked with you.  

– James Beldock, CEO, ShotSpotter Inc.

   You have done a terrific job for the Pagemill family over past 5 years and we sincerely appreciate all of your contributions.  You have helped take our firm from a sleepy M&A bank to a leader in its field with close to 200 closed transactions.  You were instrumental in our strong growth and place in the middle market.”  

Milledge Hart, Managing Director, Pagemill Partners

  I have had the pleasure of working with Candia Communications on multiple projects
ranging from worldwide rebranding campaigns to international exhibitions. I have
always been impressed by their ability to combine knowledge and experience with a
fresh approach and a sense of humor.  

- David Hartley, Hartley-Stone, Wimbledon UK