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Candia Communications publications are designed to teach companies to market, so that they can quickly become self-sufficient and deliver the results that lead to increased sales and market share.


IEEE 5-ebook series: Starting Your Startup Series:
All the basics for starting your startup, gaining a competitive edge and achieving success in the marketplace.
The Starting Your Start-Up e-book series is designed for the engineer or entrepreneur who has a great product or service idea, but no real marketing expertise. The series breaks down the process into simple steps, with examples and instructions


 Hit the Market Running
Learn the Secrets of High-Tech, Low-Budget Marketing

This hands-on, tutorial-style book explains the nuts and bolts of marketing, from initial product feature set through to Beta test and launch. If you have very limited resources and time, this book will save you time and ensure a successful launch of your product or your company.

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 Build Market Momentum

Tips, Techniques and Tools to Help Grow Market Share

Learn how to build the product management processes and sales models that will bring your company to profitability. This hands-on, tutorial-style book addresses the growing need for startups to juggle conflicting customer and prospect demands and limited engineering resources after product launch, while determining the optimal sales model.

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 The Federal Market: Maximize Your Investment
Learn the Secrets of High-Tech, Low-Budget Marketing

This spiral-bound guidebook helps you determine the best agencies to target, define the value proposition for Federal sales, create pricing strategies and showcase your product. With tips for effective networking and selecting consultants, it contains invaluable information that helps you navigate this complex yet lucrative market.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

We have encapsulated years of experience into our series of guidebooks that teach the ins and outs of marketing.

 “Enabling Federated Identity for E-Government”

"Enabling Federated Identity  for E-Government", an in-depth study co-authored by Tanya Candia of Candia Communications and Paul Madsen of NTT, has been published in the three-volume research encyclopedia “The Encyclopedia of Digital Government.” This work resulted from research conducted in conjunction with the Liberty Alliance ( and explores the role that identity federation plays in providing electronic access to government services.

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“Enabling Federated Identity for E-Government”

“Enabling Federated Identity for E-Government”has also been published in the six-volume research series “Electronic Government: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications.”
The publication was edited by Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko, of the University of Tampere in Finland.

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“Agricultural Data Mining in the 21st Century”

“Agricultural Data Mining in the 21st Century,”  co-authored by Tanya Candia of Candia Communications and E. Arlin Torbet Ph.D. of AgriWorld Exchange, was published in January 2009 in the Handbook of Research on Social Implications of Data Mining and Information Privacy: Interdisciplinary Frameworks Solutions, a multi-volume research set.

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